Blog 17

I finished revising composition three for my website. I went off of Professor Abidi’s comments and corrected from there. I ended up adding on two for pages of information on how it can be prevented as well as its affects on the United States. For Composition one for now I just reviewed over the grammatical errors and from there I’m going to add on more specific examples.


Blog 16


The final portfolio is going well, I have decided to revise composition three and composition one because I felt as though those are the weakest compositions I created. For composition three, I added more pages rather than just a home page and I am building of that. For composition one, I made it a five paragraph essay which I need to change and add more body paragraphs.

blog 14

I would ch0se to revise composition 3 and 4 because I felt that composition 3 was not strong at all due to the grade I received and the fact that there wasn’t enough information. There was mainly only one main page which was the home page, I would just like the expand on that topic and create more pages.

Blog 12

There isn’t much of a major shift between composition three and four. I am touching on the same points and topic just focusing more on the effects of illegal immigration on the United States. Each body paragraph will be an effect on the United States ¬†and in the conclusion I am going to say how we can prevent. Overall, they are similar in the fact that I’m using the same ideas as in composition three in composition four. I have my essay set up and I know exactly what I am going to write.

Blog 13

To be honest the research is pretty much the same as composition three. It is the same because I am still focusing the effects of illegal immigration on the United States. The only thing different would be that I am going to expand my research and get more information than I did in my website. I have the concepts that I would like to use for composition four as in composition three, I would just expand on those ideas. I have to get enough information for my six body paragraphs which include each effect of illegal immigration in the United States.

Blog 11

My argument for composition four is, illegal immigration should be prevented due to its effect on not only the United States economy but the United States as a whole. My audience would be to the citizens of the United States as well as the government. In composition three I focused more on the facts and background information on illegal immigration, for composition four I am going to focus more on its effects on the economy and how we can prevent it.

Blog 10

I am revising my website that I created, I plan to add more pages and more information. I am researching facts that I can add into my website to make it more informative. I just want to make the page more interesting and more visually appealing, I plan to add more pictures and charts showing how the illegal immigrants are on the rise.

Blog 9

My biggest concern for composition three would be how I am going to set up my website and what I am going to talk about. I didn’t start the website yet because of this, hopefully work shopping tomorrow helps. I am not frustrated or stressed because I have tome to think about it and I know I will eventually figure it out.

Blog 8

For Comp. 3 I have two possible topics, which are illegal immigration and adoption. To get my message across I am planning on creating a website, for adoption I would include all of the myths and then show the facts. I found an example similar to this and it was a website that included all the myths and then facts about adoption. I was also planning on making a website for illegal immigration which would include the number of illegals that enter each year and how much they go up each year. I would also want to get people aware of how much of a serious issue this is and back it up with examples and facts.

Blog 7


Foster, Howard “Page 1”

Jones, Alex “Page 1” 6/11/11

Silva, Christina “Page 1” 8/14/15

Provide employers with cheap labor taking jobs away from Americans

millions of illegals enter the U.S each year most come for labor